David Newell-An Autobiography

240487_10151122511668409_2027033656_oI was born on the fateful day of November 23, 1991 in a little town of Latrobe Pennsylvania.  Ever since that day the world has never been the same.  I spent the first four years of my life in a small little town known as Youngwood.  When I was four, however, my family decided to move to the even smaller town of Mount Pleasant.  It was on a farm in this small rural community that the rest of my life until college was spent.  My childhood was filled, like many other American boyhoods, with a lot of backyard basketball.  This passion did not leave me and when it came time for me to attend the Mount Pleasant Area School District I quickly became involved with basketball.  It was not until high school that my interests started to waver from the sport.  At that point in my life I decided to join my school’s band as a trumpet player and for better or worse stopped playing basketball for the school.  It was around the same time that I was first introduced to Roman mythology through my Latin teacher Mrs. Pellathy.

Now in college I am currently attending Geneva college in hopes of obtaining a degree in Computer Science.  An interesting fact when pertaining to my college career, however, is that I have not always attended Geneva college.  The first college I attended was the University of Pittsburgh for a similar degree in Computer Engineering.  I quickly decided that Pitt was not the place for me and so midway through my freshman year I transferred to Geneva college.  Now, as I am sure you all know, I am studying abroad in Rome for the fall semester of my Junior year.  It is during this adventure that I have been assigned to complete this digital art gallery as a part of the Mythology group.

My function in the group is to serve as one of the editors and site designers.  I personally have been assigned the topic of the heavens as pertaining to Roman and Greek mythology.  It is through this subject that I hope to take all who read this blog on a journey into the realm of the gods.  To help aid in the ascension to the realm of the gods I will use art as a guide into the myths and tales of this ancient religion.  I hope that by the end we will all be standing on top the heights of Mount Olympus.


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