Amy Snyder; The woman in charge.

Amy & Constantine's HandI am Amy Snyder and I am currently a Junior at Geneva College, majoring in Speech Pathology. I’m still figuring out how I’m going to tie together my major with what I’ve learned while in Rome, but I have certainly learned a lot about interacting with people from other cultures and being respectful of that. Being in Rome, both inside and outside the class room, has incredibly expanded my knowledge and made me more aware of the world around me! I’m truly looking forward to taking those lessons home.

At Geneva, I enjoy working as a Student Admissions Counselor and getting to know prospective students. Now that I’ve been to Rome, I can share about this life-changing experience with future students as well! I also serve as Vice President of the Psychology Club and enjoy spending time with friends at campus events.

For my theme of Love and War, I decided to look at how Romans interpret these two ideas in art. Love and war are two concepts that ancient Romans did passionately. Whether it’s portraying the body of the erotic goddess of love, Venus, or looking at the Trojan War hero Aeneas as he rescues his family and leads them out of the burning city of Troy, artists depicted these gods and goddesses with a certain fervor that I enjoyed learning about. Being in Rome and witnessing this ancient art firsthand has given me a huge appreciation for the artists themselves and for the gift of creativity that God has given us.


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