Born Naked; Dressed by Time

My name is Eric Spangenberg and I am the blog designer of the group. I am a student at Geneva College pursuing a degree in business administration concentrated in finance. Growing up I enjoyed music, sports, art, and just about anything I was doing at the time. Now in college I put my mind to more specific things such as working with our Student Programs office to plan, organize, and facilitate Geneva College freshman orientation week. During the semester I am a teaching assistant with the Business Office and work as an intern at a church in middle school ministry. My free time isn’t really free as it usually belongs to my friends and whatever activities they are participating in.

Now we descend to the Underworld! The Roman Underworld based in mythology is divided into different parts or lands. Each portion has its own specifications, unique characteristics, and inhabitants. The famous poet Virgil gives us an accurate mapping of the Underworld in his novel the The Aeneid when Aeneas must journey to meet his father. We see the Underworld in a slightly different sense by Dante when he is guided through the rings of Hell by Virgil the The Inferno.

This portion of the blog explores a little bit of the Underworld by using art as the medium of exploration.


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